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Technology Creates Comfortable Life

One Stop Solution of Meidibao Heat Pump
Technology Creates Comfortable Life

Comprehensive upgrading of heating life

1、What generation of water heater are you using?

2、Are you still using the electric water heater or gas water heater which has the disadvantages of non constant temperature, big electricity consumption and security risks?

3、Do you know their energy consumption cost?

4、The era of Meidibao energy has come, You are not only saving the cost………

One Meidibao unit can meet all needs of hot
water/heating/cooling demand of the house

  • Why Choose Meidibao Heat Pump?
  • Health, fashion, environmental protection and sustainability are the core consumption concepts of fashion groups.

    Renewable energy can comply with the trend of the times, become a safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, comfortable water heater, has been applied in developed countries, fashion life

    Technology changes the world, intelligence changes life

    Meidibao heat pump adopts microcomputer central control and mechatronics design

    Intelligent heating, constant temperature water supply, automatic operation, 24-hour heating supply, humanized design, power-off memory automatic recovery function, no need for special care, plug in, smart touch, enjoy hot water/comfortable space as you please!

    Safety and security
    Separation of water and electricity

    As we all know, electricity and carbon monoxide are the two major killers threatening the safety of the family. Now, you don't have to worry about this hidden danger, because the air/water source heat pump solves this problem. It will not only not discharge carbon monoxide or exhaust gas, but also truly separate water and electricity and refuse electric auxiliary heating, so as to keep you away from the danger of electric leakage and gas poisoning. Ensure the water safety of the whole family at all times

    Not affected by any weather
    Intelligent defrosting can be used all year around

    MEIDIBAO air source heat pump can be used all year around. It is not affected by cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days, spring, summer, autumn, winter, day and night, it can supply high-quality, clean and healthy hot water for 24 hours.

    Energy saving, emission reduction, environmental
    protection and no pollution
    Put an end to harmful gas emission and delay global warming

    Heat pump has no pollution to the atmosphere and the environment, and its energy consumption is extremely low. It is a green environmental protection product, which is in line with the energy and environmental protection policies of the world. The operating cost of Meidibao air source heat pump is 14% of the electric water heater, 13% of the gas water heater, and 23% of the solar water heater. An ordinary family can save electricity up to 1500 degrees per year, equivalent to planting four trees, absorbing 14955 kg of CO2 for the earth

    Enjoy a comfortable bath for the whole family
    Strong power and fast heating

    Meidibao air source heat pumps use international famous brand with highefficiency compressor, heating capacity is more than 3-5 times of ordinary electric water heater.

    Small volume and large capacity

    The utilization rate of water tank can reach 90%, stable pressure operation ensure comfortable bathing

    When taking a hot bath, some times the water is too cold or too hot, which affects the mood of bathing, Meidibao air source heat pump has stable pressure, temp with large water supply, far away from the threat of scald, improving the comfort of hot water for you to enjoy.

    Low Noise design
    Create a quiet living
    environment for you.

    The service life of original parts can reach more than 15 years

    The main engine and water tank shell is made of high-quality materials, which cannot be faded for a long time. It can adapt to the variety of harsh climate, rust proof, waterproof and durable.

    The main engine and water tank are equipped with world famous accessories, and the service life of the products is more than 15 years

    After years of practice and test, Meidibao products have mature technology, stable operation and low failure rate.

    Working principle of Meidibao heat pump
    Working principle of Meidibao heat pump

    Honorary brand

    • National industrial product production license

    • Quality management system SO9001 certification

    • Environmental management system so14001 certification

    • Occupational health and safety management system GBT28001 certification

    • CCC certification of national compulsory products

    • European CE certification

    • Member of China Energy Conservation Association

    • National High Tech Enterprises

    • Member of Guangdong heat pump industry alliance Association